Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Deadly Six are finished: Japanese 1/3000 CV's

Not quite as impressive as Steve Backshall and his "Deadly Sixty" (a kids 'nature/animal' programme that is literally sweeping the nation as a 'craze' here in the UK) but the Pearl "Deadly Six" ruled the Pacific up until Midway when the Six were reduced to Two (and boy did it all go downhill from there for the IJN):

From on high (above) the massed concentration of IJN aviation.

A USN dive-bombers dream. Leading the pack from left to right is the:
  • Kaga (60 Planes, 28.5 Knots)
  • Akagi (60 Planes, 31 Knots)
Both of these were built on converted capitol ships scrapped by the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922, on battleship and battlecruiser hulls respectfully, hence the much slower speeds (as they still carried a significant amount of dead-weight in 'belt' armour, superfluous for a CV) and lesser plane capacity through compromises in machinery spaces (as the conversion occurred part-way through the build).

Meanwhile, in the top of the picture and the bottom of the picture (above)
  • Soryu (71 Planes, 34.5 Knots)
  • Hiryi (64 Planes, 34 Knots)
Smaller than all the other aircraft carriers but purpose built for the CV role.

Lurking towards the back of the pack are the ultra modern looking:
  • Shokaru (84 Planes, 34 Knots)
  • Zuikaua (84 Planes, 34 Knots)
Literally packing the planes in.

Another shot of the IJN strike force as berthed (see below).

All ships from Navwar.
Right that's that "ticked" off the "to-do" list :)
What next?


Paul said...

Nice progress and a great looking fleet!

Tfigs said...

Very nice ! ! !
I have only two who are finished.

Are put some Planes on them ?

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers Paul, it's coming along slowly, the Pacific Fleets are large

An ABDA post is in the offing ;)

I don't know of neat way to put planes on deck Tfigs. I know the 1/6000 ships have decals with flight decks and planes on. For 1/3000 I think you would need something raised rather than painted onto the decks

Any suggestions?

Tfigs said...

I used Navwar 1/3000 planes... I put some on deck. I think it's look correct (for me)...

here a link on my japanese fleet :

You will see how it's look like with planes on deck.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Fantastic job there Tfigs

I'll have to get my hands on the Navwar planes
I think your CV's are much better and really come to life

Thank's :)

Excellent Pacific war posts on your blog I'll have to dig deeper :)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Note to self: These carriers would look good with 1/3000 planes on their flight decks!

A mini-project for the future :)