Monday, 15 November 2010

The Mighty Maus in 1/72 [3]: Dirty and Yellow

Following on from the Pink Terror (see previous post) I decided to backwash the Maus with a watered Anita's Acrylic Black Metalic wash:

As usual the dirty effect was intended to be slightly "over the top" to be calmed by steady wet brush of Tamiya Sand Yellow (the more traditional German colour) that followed:

Leaving a rather stark looking chap, more yellow than pink now though. I think I will experiment with the Flames of War painting guide advice on painting German tank tracks next. It is all to do with there red anti-rust primer showing through. I have the required Vallejo paints, I just have to attempt their recipe.


Tim Gow said...

It definitely looks better in yellow than in pink!

Paul said...

Remember to add the moss that would grow on the tracks when it was at full speed!

Al said...

Nice mate, you need to come up with an excuse to use it now!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

How to use it?

I'm thinking a skirmish game where it's broken down and you have to fix it before a swarm of T34/85's overrun it!

west1871 said...

Very nice tank.Pegasus are knocking out some nice kits.