Monday, 8 November 2010

The Mighty Maus in 1/72 [2] and Slightly Pink

Taking a brief rest from things naval I returned to the mighty tank that never really was, the Mighty Maus (Mouse) from a previous post.

Not a hard paint job as there were many huge flat surfaces quite easy to wet brush over. Not a pretty thing, just an armoured box on tracks, with a huge gun in an infeasible turret.

Towards the end things seemed to be going slightly pink. At first I thought it was my eyes until I checked the Tamiya label, Desert Yellow XF-59, the "modern" desert camouflage as opposed to my intended Panzer Yellow.

Ah well, it was still in the base colour undercoat so I decided not to panic and amused myself by comparing it to a Panzer I (see above and below). Tiny Tim the "Panzer I" certainly shows the breadth of WWII German tank designs.

The next stage is to black wash with a watered down Anita's Acrylic Metallic Black.


Tim Gow said...

What a completely unneccessary and over the top model - welcome to my world! I have a resin Maus of unknown make which I really must pain sometime. The GHQ ones are big enough!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I must admit I have more respect for the PzI than the 188 tonne Maus

It had to be done is my only excuse (though I still feel a little dirty)

Tim Gow said...

Discussion of German super-heavy tanks is perfectly acceptable amoung consenting adults. At some point I'll post photos of my GHQ 1/285 scale Maus.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

At least I can claim it is for a wacky Xmas skirmish game and it has broken down Tim, you have to defend deploying a battalion of them ;)

I'm looking forward to your photos :)

Paul said...

Hmmm, why not keep it pink, like the pink elefant it was.

Thanos said...

My goodness! This thing is huge!!!
Good luck in painting it mate!