Friday, 19 November 2010

The Battle of the Java Sea: ABDA [2] The British and Australian

The Royal Navy had an odd box of kit floating around in the Pacific at the start of hostilities. The better side of the selection (away from Force Z) did however fight at the Battle of the Java Sea (see below).

They are/were:
  • HMS Exeter (leading cruiser)
  • HMAS Perth (trailing cruiser)
  • HMS Electra (top left)
  • HMS Encounter (top right)
  • HMS Jupiter(bottom)
HMS Exeter, veteran of the Battle of the River Plate, packed the biggest punch with her 6x8", whereas HMAS Perth carried a lesser calibre but respectful 8x6". Of the destroyers HMS Jupiter was the pick of the bunch. HMS Electra's claim to fame being the recovery of the three survivors from HMS Hood after the Battle of the Denmark Strait . 

Away from the historical forces there were "in area" veterans RN cruisers from the end of the First World War era  that were best kept out of the way of the modern IJN kit.

Scenario Notes: Reference to David Manley's Naval Wargame Page and Jimmy's Sperling's GQ scenario found there as inspiration for my efforts

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west1871 said...

I still can't believe the size of these.Great work.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...


Strange as they do seem large when you wargame with them ;)

Age of sail lets you get away with bigger models

Paul said...

Nice build up. Battle Stations!!!