Thursday, 4 November 2010

1:300 Russian Modern Forces: Soviet MR Division Project

As part of my 1/300 modern wargaming arsenal I have an ongoing project of building up a Soviet MR Division (to the Spearhead Modern Order of Battle)

So far I have two BTR Motor Rifle Regiments with assets:

The BMP Regiment (that has some [not photographed] but not all of its assets) in an old chocolate box, unlike the custom built BTR boxes (courtesy of DL from Hartlepool).

Which leaves the fourth (Tank) regiment (purchased but still to be painted) and the Divisional Assets (yet to be purchased) to complete the divisional formation.

Then it is onto paint their NATO adversaries ;)


Paul said...

Good to see that you are busy mate. I love cold war armies!

Euan Angus said...

Hi, great work!
What brand are your Soviet miniatures?