Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Battle rejoined: Java Sea continued

Anyone remember this little ditty?

The jaws of death start tp close on both fleets. High above from the vantage of a Japanese spotting plane the battle unfolded:

The ABDA fleet (bottom middle) heading uptable, the Flagship De Ruyter pulled over in distress (speed reduced to 3cm from a critical hit) leaving HMS Exeter to lead the charge with a thinned and battered destroyer screen (two) in support.

Seven Japanese destroyers (five shown above) are poised in attack formation (first picture: top left with a Japanese light cruiser chasing down HMS Electra off camera).

Two Japanese heavy cruisers attack a valiant RN destroyer(top right of first picture) and close-up (above).

A close up-of the flotilla of six Japanese destroyers headed by a light cruiser (just coming into view from the right hand side in the first picture).

Finally the WWI vintage US destroyers stay in contact with the ABDA main line of battle, not seen in the first picture. Will their time come?

Rules: GQII, distances for ranges cm, therefore 8cm is one nautical mile.

Action to follow ...


Paul said...

About time this story was finished!

I hate suspense!

Beccas said...

Very cool. Keep the battle going.

Tim Gow said...

These guys must have been at sea for months! Good to see them back.