Monday, 14 February 2011

The Battle of the Java Sea: Death of another RN Destroyer

Torpedoes exhausted, all guns wrecked and now suicidally close to two Japanese heavy cruisers, HMS Encounter had but one recourse of action left and a rather drastic one at that.

"Hard to port helm, maximum revolutions and brace for impact" were the last commands given from the bridge of HMS Encounter. She sliced through the water at an impressive 10cm, against the now badly limping Hagero with her stiff rudder mustering a mere 3cm in return. The dice were rolled, nothing was certain ... IMPACT.

The IJN Hagero was a very formidable frame but the plucky destroyer torn into her amidships causing more serious  flooding and a precious half hull box to be lost. Quick thinking inside the Hagero saved her from complete loss of power, but she teetered precariously close (half a hull box away) to being just an armoured marker buoy.  

HMS Encounter was not so lucky, or some would say she had run her luck to the full. Four hull boxes damage broke her back and the RN destroyer was despatched to the depths with a final burst of secondary and main armament from the Hagero as her guns bore on the floating wreck astern.

Again the Japanese officers on the bridge saluted the gallantry of their adversaries.


Tim Gow said...

That'll be a great scene in the film!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

We'd somehow have to slip a "Cocoa Sir" from a vintage John Mills

Paul said...

I would expect nothing less from the screenplay!