Thursday, 10 February 2011

Battle of the Java Sea continued ... The End of HMS Electra

Off to the side in its own little battle/war, the badly damaged HMS Electra (destroyer) tangled fatally with an untouched Japanese light cruiser (the IJNS Jinysu) and a torpedo-less, otherwise fully fit IJN destroyer (the IJNS Hatsukaze).

A forgone conclusion. HMS Electra fired defiantly (or rather ceremoniously) with her remaining gun, before being left a burning wreck, with no guns, no power and no hull floatation boxes, but a flag still flying.

IJNS Jintsu leaves, making all haste to back to the action (now well north of her).

The Japanese captain of the Hatsukaze is ordered to finish her with gunfire. But Electra stubbornly hangs on. He salutes the warrior spirit of HMS Electra, leaving her a floating wreck at the mercy of time and tide. He too is needed elsewhere.

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Paul said...

Ahh nice post. Good too see some progress with this report. More please!