Saturday, 12 February 2011

Red Army on the painting tray

The painting tray:

The chaos that surrounds the painting tray:

A time of general house painting means that this all has to be cleared away soon. But to the little "red" men:

Two packets worth of Revell's Stalingrad Russian Summer Infantry. Some in singles, while some are set up for Command Decision on 20mm square bases.

Some were already started (the black under-coat was universal) but all are getting reverted to a Vallejo Russian Uniform WWII green, Tanned Flesh from Games Workshop (yes I am still using them up) and a green tin hat where appropriate (Vallejo Russian Green).

Then an interesting "brown wash" phase is planned followed by some highlighting (see above and below for some test results).

Washes tried so far include Windsor Peat Brown ink, Anita Acrylics Black Metalic and a Earth Brown watery mix, waiting in the wings is highly recommended Devlan Mud from GW (unused as yet).

Highlights were GW Pale Flesh mixed into the GW Tanned Flesh, another coat (selective dabbing) of Vallejo Russian Uniform WWII and then a Vallejo Khaki. I have to work out the greens and the browns of the Russian sacks and belts. I started out with most of them green but that seems wrong looking at pictures and painting guides. Hmm.

Anyhow I have plenty of old Esci, Revell and Italeri plastics to practise on before I turn my attention to the excellent Plastic Soldier Company and Pegasus acquisitions. My plan is to go on a Russian Army painting splurge.

One possible mistake in the above. I have noy PVA'ed the figures (yet). Thinnish PVA wash then a Matt varnish perhaps?


Tim Gow said...

Ah, Russian infantry - will any of us ever have enough? For what it's worth, I use Windsor Nut Brown on my 20mm Russians.

Paul said...

You cannot call yourself a true wargamer without a Red Hoard!

Tim Gow said...

What does ownership of several Red Hordes make me?

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Envied my me :)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

The factory system of painting has to be restarted here!