Friday, 24 February 2012

Jumping with the Poles III [Hypothetical]

Tea-break over and the the battle resumes.

The main force of Polish Paratroopers take on the two remaining German platoons in the wood. Note the attacking Polish formation is one battalion up front supported by the second battalion behind for big morale bonus in BCG rules (see top left below). The flanking Polish Paratrooper battalion uses the hill as cover to push on and threaten the main objective of the depot/town (see bottom right below). Also, note the three suppressed (top right below, units with yellow markers on them) recon platoons getting out of the way of the paratroopers after suffering accurate indirect fire. Good job they were in half-tracks to out-retreat the advancing Poles is all I can say. Footnote: See a Polish mortar platoon (bottom left below) lagging behind the main battalion body, a dangerous position to be in when an attack can come from any direction. 

On the northern half of the table the German Recon battalion is being hard pressed against the Air-Landing Regiment (see below). Another battalion attack on a company strength defense of a wood. Again note another suppressed German platoon lagging to the rear.

The Poles simply overwhelm the German defenders with their elite status and good dice. Scratch one German infantry company for no losses as yet to the Polish Paratroopers (see below, the overturned counters were the German infantry positions). The FOO on the hill (bottom right bekow) sees "a job well done".

Meanwhile a ray of hope appears for the German player as the first(?) of his reinforcements arrive, threatening the flank of the Polish attack. It is a motorized German infantry battalion, which "de-bussed" off-table and walked on (well at least the infantry did, as the leading elements are the PaK and Motar support platoons, see below). 

Can the Paratrooper/Air-Landing attack keep its momentum going before more German reinforcements stem the tide?


Monty said...

Great stuff Geordie! Just remind me where you got your figures from, mate...many thanks and regards,

Paul said...

Good work so far for the plan...More please!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hello Monty,

These toys are not mine. At a guess they are a mixture of Heroics and Ross infantry/vehicles and Adler infantry (see below for some links)