Thursday, 16 February 2012

20mm WWII Cromwell (ArmourFast)

This was a nice little kit (or should I say kits as they come two to a box which helps in the wallet department) that fits together like a dream, detailed enough to stand out of the box plus has plenty of customization potential :)

Literally made in minutes (although I spread it over two consecutive nights) and fits together very well, HaT/ArmourFast have learned their trade well. Once upon a time the only way you could get a Cromwell was either use a Matchbox Comet and pretend, convert said Matchbox Comet or buy a expensive Skytrex metal one or Cromwell Models resin one (that would get knocked out quickly on tabletop). Now you cannot help see them in plastic: Airfix(0), ArmourFast Hat(2), Revell(3) all do nice plastic kits, Frontline(1) do a cheap resin one and I even have another "unknown" resin manufacturer (1) with lovely clean lines (Note: My current totals are in brackets). I do plan to get at least one Airfix one on my way to a Command Decision 1944 British Armoured Regiment Order of Battle.

Pity I didn't have this Cromwell at Hoggerton Moor, it would have seen the Royalist Cavalry off. It was an impulse build, so painting may wait for an "inspirational moment". Like perhaps seeing a Cromwell in an episode of Band of Brothers or the like.  


Paul said...

Oh thank goodness armour!

I love the Cromwell, and have a Revell one yet to build, but I would rather have a packet of Armourfast ones.

Cannot wait to see these painted.

Good to see you back in the fold.

Model on!

Al said...

Been meaning to get a few of these for ages, they look good and are a sight cheaper than the Revell option

Steve's Wargame Stuff said...

This is on my list of 'to buy' pieces. I'm a big Armourfast fan and have just built their PzIII for my planned skirmish games. I have built the other PzIII but probably won't use it so if you want to do swapsies on your other Cromwell let me know!


Tim Gow said...

I already had enough Cromwells - but I couldn't resist buying a Aurfix one recently!

Laffe said...

How is the HäT scalewise? I have the revell, it was nice to build but not a wargame model per se. The Airfix I have heard is 1/76 though, isn't it?

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I know you were suffering with all the ECW Paul, all I can say is thanks for being patient

Thanks for the "swappzies" offer but the second Cromwell is eventually destined for 30 XXX and a RTR

Yes Tim, I agree 100%the Airfix one is a must :)

I must also get a Churchill bridge-layer before the disappear

HaT ArmourFast is definitely 1/72 and is the same size as the Revell 1/72, the Airfix is bound to be smaller bt I do so like all their new "toolings" :)

They are really making the effort with their new kit