Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Half-Time: Drinks Served

As the Arnhem [Hypothetical] battle progressed there came a sudden urge for all participants to "whet-one's-whistle', even if it was only a soft-drink (as I was driving). It also gave an opportunity to scout around to see what was happening on other tables. Of interest was a "Wings of War" (WoW) game in progress (see below) as it was a rules tester for an ongoing Club WWI Western Front Air Campaign.

Fritz seemed to be getting the upper hand here. A Sopwith Pup and a venerable RE8 were taking on a mixed bag of Germans from the Imperial Air Service (sounds rather like a posh version of the Royal Mail). The altitude rules and limited ammunition were in play (previously everything had been abstracted flat, yes it is possible as it is a card based game) and consequently the campaign was starting to look quite daunting for a slow coach novice like me. The young-guns were picking things up very fast. Of note n the above photograph was the German two-seater nicknamed the "Pink Terror"

Watch and see n later posts!

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