Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hoggerton Moor 1643 [Hypothetical] - Part III

The antagonists face off, Royalist to the left and Parliamentarian to the right (see below). Note: The Hamlet of Hoggerton is off camera bottom right "below the guns":

While the Gentleman Generals of Parliament were pondering on what strategic course of action to take the King "humbugged" his former servants. Much to the consternation of Parliament the King took advantage of a school boy error. No pickets had been deployed by the Parliamentarians and this allowed the Kings effectively "three full movement turns" and sprung Parliament's forces into the jaws of a terrible trap. The leisurely readjustment of Parliamentary positions had to be abandoned and our infantry had to fight where it found itself (see below): 

My "Swine-Herd boys of Hoggerton Hamlet" emerge in column in what appears to be a rather desperate race to 'get involved in the battle' before it's all over. The bad news is that a large band of "four-legs" is ideally positioned to intercept them before they descend on the exposed Royalist flank (see below):

It is also rather a long way to travel, strategic moves or not (see below):

It all looks a horrible muddle of mixed up Parliamentarian columns and in all honesty it probably is. One can but only hope the dice give Parliament enough PiPs to extricate the mess before the Royalist 'horse come to play'. In the background the main infantry battle starts to get underway (see below):

Meanwhile the Parliamentarian right 'Wing of Horse' have 'refused their flank' hurtling back to a central position (see below):

Sadly no sign yet of a plan from Parliament.

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