Friday, 22 June 2012

A Bit of Quiet Reading

Whilst not a whirlwind at the painting table I have managed to at read put in some quiet reading time. I have completed Rowland White's set of three 1970's and 1980's "small wars" factual accounts (Falklands 1982, Oman 1970's, British Honduras 1971/72). Read in the following order:

Interesting stuff. The Vulcan 607 was food and drink to my interest in the 100 days war, my project would encompass 1/3000 Navwar modern naval and land 1/300 or 1/200 scale miniatures. Aircraft would be probably 1/300 or smaller too (although I have a 1/144 Sea Harrier).

Again Storm Front (Oman) begs for either a full 'deniable war' campaign or 20mm skirmish. I have the impeccable plastic Caesar Miniatures 'Terrorists' and 'other' modern plastics for the SAS and governments "AK47" style troops.

Phoenix Squadron has just ignited my 1970's post WWII interest in things "Naval" (NATO versus Warsaw Pact). If truth be told I was looking for an excuse ;)  


Tim Gow said...

607 is a great read, and formed the basis of my own 'Black Buck' game

David said...

Pheonix squadron aroused my interest as well. I hope to do some what if scenarios in British Honduras. The new Commando miniatures lines may work OK if I can pass off Indonesians as Guatamalens!

west1871 said...

607 and storm from are cracking reads I will keep an eye out for Phoenix squadron.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hello Tim,

To be honest my first impressions on hearing of the "inflatable Avro Vulcan" were 'sadly somewhat dismissive', only on reading the post (and seeing the pictures - especially the sad fate of the third Vulcan crew member) did your true genius become apparent

Well done I think you had a nice little analogue that many military planners could take heed of, especially since on the final leg of the Black Buck approach one of the Victors couldn't deliver as much fuel as planned

Nice to see Health and Safely regulations enforced ;)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hello David,

I wold be thinking of doing the ground battle in 1/200 or 1/300 as a battalion backed up with assets (including the Ark's Buccaneers, Phantoms and perhaps even Gannets) versus a brigade plus invasion - using Spearhead, BGC or Command Decision rules


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hello West1871,

One thing to note about Phoenix Squadron is that it was about "a potential war that was stopped" rather than one that took place, so in one sense it is different from the Falklands and Oman books

Still packed with Cold War, functional and geo-political detail