Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Death in the Skies (WoW continued)

The vicious air combat breaks apart, the Englishman with a torn tail and the hunting Albatross who won't be deigned its pound of flesh (see below). Sensing the kill the Austrian vows to circle back: 

Meanwhile Pierre and the Yellow Peril (aka Kevin) exchange more than just close range stares, with Pierre just managing to time a meaningful burst from his two LMG's (see below - my arc just catches the German, how unsporting, I hope it stung, well war is hell after all - or maybe that's the DBx side of me coming out again): 

The pickled formations weave in and out of each other with finally the Englishman and Austrian closing head on for a game of "chicken" (well before James Dean did it in "Rebel Without A Cause" I may add):

They both choose to turn the same way, the Englishman sweats as the Austrian's choice of turn and Albatross turning characteristics places him perfectly behind him for the short range killing shot ... just like the Baron taught him (see below):  

Argh, but no, too much throttle! Instead of pouring lead into the Tommy the Austrian sees the landing wheels of the Sopwith Pup loom large and clatter into his upper wing directly above his head. The smell of gasoline fills his cockpit in an explosive pall that suddenly ignites into his fiery death. The Sopwith Pup lurches too, damaged but flyable (see below):   

What an unusual way to bring down your enemy. The Sopwith Pup retires and Pierre is left with his own personal battle with the Yellow Peril and Pink Terror.


Al said...

Cool couple of posts mate, I never get sick of WW1 stuff

Paul said...

Time for a armour update Geordie!