Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Stopped by the Weather

The German attack on the right grinds to a halt. With the smoke cover gone the German infantry casualties mount (nine platoons all told), the German battalion command stand even goes down. The gambit of engaging the British "trucks" hurriedly redeploying the 17 pounder battery backfires with the indirect fire missing and being ineffectual. Only through a bitter hand-to-hand close combat in the woods do the German infantry force a platoon casualty on the British battalion. It was a tough bitter attack that in the end came to naught (see below). Oh the senselessness of war!   

Meanwhile the German attack on the left is still very, very menacing. The German attack bleeds its infantry support away, but the Stug IV's and Panther manage to silence (though not destroy) a deadly British 17 pounder ATG support company (how many of these exist as they are quite frightening?). The Panzer IVH battalion looks poised for a breakthrough push (see below):     

Then the weather forecast turns bad. Light rains turn into heavy "Typhoons" as the RAF tactical fighter wing pays Jerry a visit. Note the God-like hands of the FAC (see below):

The rocket firing Typhoons make a big bang or two, disrupting the advance of the Panzer IVH battalion, stalling the German preparations (see below). Despite the devastation from above a second British infantry platoon bites the dust, but again the morale test is passed and the Brits are still up for it.   

Although not a killer blow the prospect of serial air and artillery attacks, backed on by further British infantry/armour reinforcements dent the German counterattacks prospects of success. Attacking well dug in infantry backed with good indirect, artillery and air assets at only 2:1 odds, despite having armour looks too tough a task for the Germans. Interestedly historically it played out to the same outcome, the infantry and armour assaults were beaten off after a limited success (I didn't even manage that!). Good Club game, I made my request for the next assault to go in at at least 3:1 odds ;)

The right hand part of the assault may pay benefit of closer examination as I think the German infantry could get a localised superiority. Sounds like a future solo game for my "man-cave".


Paul said...

Great AAR Geordie. I always try the 3:1 advantage in the attack.

I will always during the game try and achieve this by making lots of little 3:1 attacks if need be rather than one huge attack where the odds may be slighter.

Nice Typhoon action as well.

Good to see the big show back on track

Regards Paul

Tim Gow said...

Great report. By this stage of the war the Brits will have two batteries of towed 17 pdrs (and another two of SPs) in each infantry division. You've been warned!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers Paul

3:1 is my motto too
I think I could have arranges a local attack with the infantry against the wood at 4:1 if I had isolated it wit smoke either side of the wood

As I said a "man-cave" game beckons

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks Tim

I think I faced six batteries. These infantry battalions were from an Armoured Division I think

I will have to check the game OoB and my Spearhead/Command Decision OoB

Your Kharkov game looks just awesome!