Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Pierre's "Engishman" Friend

In the adrenaline fueled frenzy of the short range fly past (see below) Pierre had lost sight of the Englishman he had briefly met in the bar the night before, concentrating instead on the Yellow peril Albatross instead.

Thankfully the Englishman had kept a watchful eye out for Pierre and as a second Albatross showed interest in young Pierre, the Englishman shared a few Lewis rounds with the German (see below): 

A frantic chase ensued, RFC scout versus Imperial German Air Service scout, also featuring the humorous Pink Terror two-seater too slow to do any chasing but more content to be the floating obstacle and firing its "rotating gun turret" (see below): 

The German (sorry Austrian, I stand corrected) gains the advantage and peppers the Englishman's tail (see below) hurting but not killing the RFC officer:  

Meanwhile Pierre is returning the compliment on the other side of the table, er I mean sky (see below):

Plenty of twisting and turning but no kills as of yet, but that is soon to change!


Monty said...

Looks good Geordie! Really like the look of this...

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

For a relatively small wargaming investment it is a hell of a lot of fun

Especially if you get a group involved and a "balloon busting run" will be scheduled