Saturday, 27 September 2014

In search of lost gold - Battleground 1978 TV Programme

Every now and again I pick up a lost cause (the perfect set of wargaming rules for a period) or start believing in an urban legand (alien spaceship on the moon) until; you sober up. So ... I started an internet search in the quest of the "lost" 1978 Battleground Tapes.

Other bloggers have covered this in far better detail that myself (see below):

What is it?

Intriguing details:

The closes I got was this elusive posting:

Other than that, no You Tube postings or the like :(
So after many hours of 'wasted' Internet browsing I drew a blank

Note: As a kid I remember seeing a clip really late at night in the 'somewhere' Western Desert with Airfix (classic) tanks, but that could be complete imagination on my part!

Addendum: I have posted a question on the above blog, let's see if I get a response


Monty said...

Edward Woodward, too? Blimey, Geordie, never heard of it; sounds interesting, though.

Rodger said...

Really hope you get results. This was never shown over this side of the world. There was only an article in Mil Mod, I think!

DC said...

More here too:

Also i've recently sold the ECW collection that was used in the Edgehill episode.

Drop me an email, and you never know...

Steve63 said...

Have you seen this page? Granada have the Tyne Tees archive and it may be worth contacting them.
Keep us posted on progress