Monday, 22 September 2014

Perry's French 28mm Napoleonic Infantry (another birthday gift)

Another "birthday treat", this time from one of my brothers, coming from his askance of "What could a man who has enough silly toys possibly still want for?" The answer, another addition of some sort to my eclectic 28mm Napoleonic collection, "You chose", he said and I promptly did, Perry's 1812-1815 Napoleonic Line Infantry will do nicely sir (see below):

That's forty two figures, which if you make it up in a composition advertised on the box is a infantry battalion of six (six man) company blocks, complete with the option to extend the Voltigeur Company (skirmishers) into open skirmish formation. Nice!


Why? Well I honestly don't know.

Do I sensibly use these for Napoleonic skirmish game along with the English, Scottish and French Victrix troops (still in their boxes) or do I madly become the only person I know within one hundred miles to start building up an 28mm Napoleonic French and British armies? The painting work from Iron Mitten makes me want to try. As I look at my other 'disrupted' Napoleonic projects I started, I see a token gesture in 15mm metals (French and Prussian Infantry), a curious experiment with large formations in a very, very small scale (2mm), a bundle of inherited plastic 20mm, 1/72, HO/OO used as a painting and exercise before I come to the 'twenty first century plastics' that I chose as a magpie chooses silver, not knowing what causes the attraction.

The real question I should be asking is "What RULES?"

Suggestions on a postcard gratefully received and sincerely appreciated  


Monty said...

Geordie, why not have a look at Two Hour Wargames "95th" Napoleonic skirmish rules? They look great and being a fan of THW's approach, I can recommend them.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I shall take up your suggestion and follow the lead, thank's Monty