Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Lt Pringle's "Bloody Battle for Maltot" (Chain of Command): Part 4

With the center lane of advance effectively blocked by deadly MG42 fire, it fell to Second Squad to "right flank" the German strong-point in the church. Sensing the danger the 'last German MG42 team' moved into a blocking position. Looking for an opportunity to counterattack the Germans gambled in trying to take out Second Squad before they had fully formed up. Unfortunately for them their bullets went high, producing only minor amounts of 'shock'. The British player then had a stroke of luck just when he (I) needed it, a "continuation"(another go) courtesy of good (lucky) command dice. Knowing they had two back-to-back goes, Second Squad confidently formed up for the attack (see below):

Second Squad first laid down some (moving) suppressing fire, getting very, very lucky with a KIA and NCO wound (see below):

Meanwhile Lt Pringle was calming the remnants of First Squad by removing their 'shock' markers (see below):

Second Squad got down to business. The Bren team stay eyed behind to provide covering fire but Sergeant Walker led his boys in screaming like a banshee, bayonetes fixed! Only to find "dead" Germans. The Bren team had popped the lot off rolling an incredible three kills (see below):

Smiling at his good fortune, Sergeant Walker regroups Second Squad as Lt Pringle leads his First Squad men lush Second Squads Bren team "left flank" under cover of the ubiquitous "two inch" mortar's smoke barrage in the good old fashioned, traditional British Army way (see below):

Faced with a developing pincer movement the Germans called it a night. The German Commander was resigned to a life of captivity, however a young Landser pointed to the church crypt and explained it led through to the adjacent graveyard by means of a collapsed culvert. The position was thus abandoned to the Tommies.

Maltot fell a day ahead of schedule. 16 Platoon was recognised as a major factor in contributing to the success of the operation. Lt Pringle was mentioned in dispatches. There was some talk of a medal but the paperwork was lost in the hubbub created as the battalion moved on. His German counterpart was interviewed by Signal as a 'fanatical defender of the Reich' and was recommended for an Iron Cross. The rigours of the Normandy campaign meant that the cauldron was likely to consume him in the very near future.

A damn fine game!


Chris Stoesen said...

Good report. Sounds like it was a fun game. Thanks for sharing.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

The games have been great and the campaign system hung together well

Nothing was predictable