Thursday, 12 November 2015

Normandy Mini-Campaign (Operation Martlet Part 2): Chain of Command

Despite the disadvantage of the British 25 pounders hammering the French farmland, the Germans were directed to the frontline by a [suport purchased] -Adjudent. That was a well spent support point as it allowed three M42 teams, an artillery observer and a Medic to get quickly in place. My newly painted acquisitions were soon facing me across the table (see below):

Not only that but "Panzer Pete" turned up in the form of a Panzer IV. This is an old original ESCI kit given to me (unmade) several years ago by Mr K. himself. Now he was getting to use it against me! It was as if he knew it'd destiny and it was all part of a cunning plan. I am slightly ashamed of it as it is just out of the "primer" stage, with a black wash looking very grimy. I had planned to do it in a "three tone cam" but it will do for now (see below):

"First Blood" goes to the Brits as a SS MG42 gunner team member gets caught by my sustained Bren team fire from my mini-Hougomont in "Grey House". As these German MG teams were seriously under strength I saw (or rather got fixated by) the opportunity to reduce its effectiveness and score a 'quick win' (see below):

Fearing the 'open fields of death' to the left and again wanting to eliminate the damaged MG42 team I deployed my whole platoon along a strong hedge line. Dangerous as it was putting all my eggs in one basket, especially as there was a (grimy) Panzer IVH on the loose. Mr K. also saw the opportunity as denoted by the mortar target spot [aka white circle] placed close to them (see below):

Next: "The Risks You Take" and "The Proce You Pay"


Paul Foster said...

Nice one Geordie. We need close up shots please!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I'll do a roll call at the end of the villains and the heroes ;)