Monday, 2 November 2015

October Project: Day 29 "Panzer Grenadier Parade Ground with 251 Transport"

The final force composition for a Chain of Command German Panzer Grenadier Platoon (Normandy):

Four Hanomag 251 Half-Tracks:
  • Hanomag 251/10 (37mm AT) x 1: Platoon Commander Half Track
    • Platoon Commander and PzShreck Team (2 Men) 
  • Hanomag 251/1 x 3: Squad 
    • Team 1: Squad Leader + MG Team (2 Men) + Two Rifles
    • Team 2: MG Team (2 Men) + Three Rifles
Parade Ground Formation (see below):

The one comment I would make is that the Order of Battle is for Normandy 1944 (which means for 1943 and earlier scenarios you'll end up dropping the PzSchrek team and maybe replace it with something as interesting as an AT rifle tean or the like). Also the Hanomag paint scheme is 1939-42 (early war), so I will (eventually) paint another platoon in 1944-45 three-tone "ambush" camouflage colours. Also yes, only one out of four vehicles has been decalled, but there's nothing new there for me ;)

I now pronounce this formation "battle ready" for a Chain of Command outing ... watch this space :)

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GReg said...

Good work old chap!! Look forward to their outing.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers Greg

Their time has almost come to fulfill their "wargaming destiny" probably at the hands of another rolling good dice at my expense ;)