Tuesday, 3 November 2015

October Project: Day 30 "Paint Review"

Project review and wrap-up. First of all these are the paints I used in Project (see below, as much for my memory as for posterity):

Anita's Acrylics:
  • Metallic Black (11211)
  • Earth Brown (11014)
  • Coffee (11044)
  • Lemon Yellow (11055)
  • White (11001)
Vallejo Acrylics:
  • German Field Grey (Model Color: 70830)
  • Green Grey (Flames of War: 886)
  • Gun Metal  Grey (Model Color: 70863)
  • Flat Flesh (Model Color: 70955)
  • German Camo Pale Brown (Model Color: 70825)
  • German Cam Beige WWII (Model Color: 70821)
  • Charred Brown (Game Color: 72045)
  • Beasty Brown (Game Color: 72043)
  • Dark Fleshtone (Game Color: 72044)
  • Stonewall Grey (Game Color: 72049)
Airfix Acrylics:
  • Primer Grey (1)
  • Black (33)
Tamiya Acrylics:
  • Flat Yellow (XF-3)
  • Dark Green (XF-61)
Games Workshop Citadel Foundation Acrylics:
  • Tallarn Flesh
  • Calthan Brown
Games Workshop Citadel Washes: 
  • Ogryn Flesh
As I pronounce the figures are now suitable for tabletop wargaming (aka battle ready) I also hope to put them to immediate good use and effect in a mini-campaign set in Normandy '44 for "Chain of Command" so that they can fulfill their 'wargaming destiny' (not bad as they were originally purchased over twenty years ago). Smiles all round!

However, there are several things NOT done (as of yet):
  • German Insignia Markings
  • Protective Varnish (a practical must)
  • Static Grass(maybe?)
  • Further German "Odds and Sods" for the Chain of Command Support List, painted in the same fashion
Also thinking ahead, I have these possible follow-on "Thirty Day Projects" from my unpainted legions in the loft?

Normandy 1944
  • US Infantry Platoon (1944)
  • German "Green Devils" Paratroop Platoon (1944)
  • British "Red Devils" Paratroop Platoon (1944)
  • US Paratroop Platoon "Screaming Eagles" (1944)
 BlitzKrieg 1940: 
  • French (1940) Infantry Platoon
  • BEF (1940) Infantry Platoon
  • Belgian (1940) Infantry Platoon
  • Dutch (1940) Infantry Platoon
  • Polish (1939) Infantry Platoon
Decisions, decisions, decisions! Whatever I do methinks I may concentrate on doing it in only twenty steps rather than the thirty I took for these figures, as looking back the 'cleverness and detail' of one layer of paint was often submerged in the next.


Al said...

Great project, thoroughly enjoyed!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks Al

Good to get to the end
Though I was getting attached to putting on the detail at the end
As I said methinks I can skip or merge a few of the processes early on

Thinking of mixing black with PVA in the first undercoat step
Anyway these boys should be facing me down across the other side of the table soon in a "Chain of Command" scenario ...