Saturday, 2 July 2016

A bit of Fantasy Painting .. AD&D Board Game Resin Figures (Ravenloft)

A spot of light relief from orders of battle with casts of thousands: :

A couple of pictures of a some figures painted out of a friend's board game, AD&D Ravenloft which he got for his kids. The first is a gargoyle primed in the Airfix (01) primer, then "dipped" in Vallejo Black Wash, not bad for a starting upgrade/alternative to the bare yellow resin as comes with the game (see below):  

I did the same for this "undead baby dragon" but while the kids played and we were watching Euro 16 on telly, I put a bit of two tone shading.

Painting notes (1): A middle colour of Vallejo Stonewall Grey, leaving the wash as the shade layer, and a light touch highlight layer by mixing in some Vallejo White to the Stonewall Grey. I darkened the gaps between the wings with more "black wash" thickened up with a drop of Vallejo Black.

Painting notes (2): Some spots of colour were the 'bone spine' Vallejo Desert Sand (I think) as a shade, Vallejo Bone White as a mid-colour and a touch of Vallejo Dead White as a highlight. A Vallejo Gory Red tongue highlighted with a touch of Vallejo Tentacle Pink. The final touch was a dab of Vallejo Golden Yellow on the tip of a cocktail stick dabbed into the eye socket.

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