Tuesday, 5 July 2016

15mm Sci-Fi : GZG Yaeter (Squad 1)

My 15mm Star Gruntz project has been long stalled, but a chance meet-up with some wargaming buddies rekindled my interest (it doesn't take much to distract me) as I was shown a very nice "little tactical force" I can but only try to emulate. The beauty of SCi-Fi is that material comes from a variety of sources, Star Wars models (Republic Gunships), Heavy Metal Gear (Large Warbots) to bespoke 15mm GZG and "remodelled" cheap dinky models (APC's). Hence I start with an Airfix primer and Vallejo Wash (see below):

Next to base coast them in Vallejo Stonewall Grey and highlight it Vallejo White (and Airfix Satin White) with a dirty Vallejo Sepia "dirty" Wash. As per my previous attemprts:

Sci-Fi Yeater

Should be plain all-out FUN

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