Friday, 1 July 2016

They came from Outer Space (4): Space Crusade Mission 3 Counter-Attack

The Imperial Fists Commander fell fighting heroically. A multitude of enemies blasted, hacked and stabbed at him. The deadly Genestealer monster licked its lips as it hauled the inert Space Marine Commander towards the depths of the Space Hulk (see below):

Genestealers were everywhere, lightning struct twice as another one appeared from the shadows and ambushed the Blood Angels felling an inattentive Space Marine Trooper (see below):

The surviving Space Marines seemed to be caught between a rock and a very hard place. Yellow  team had been wiped out, the Ultra Marines teetering at half strength and the Blood Angels had been "blooded". A dangerous Chaos pincer movement was developing. First things first, the ambushing Genestealer must be eliminated (see below):

The Ultra Marine Commander stepped up and took the Genestealer out (remember he was down to his last Hit Point). The Blood Angels seemed more intent in securing their "safe exit" to their 'docking claw', so much for team work. The Ultra Marines heavy weapons troopers calmly sited their weapons and awaited the storm. Auto-Cannon and Missile Launcher 'locked and loaded' let battle commence (see below):

The first "wave" was impressively scythed down thanks in the main part to the AI target selection of the auto-cannon. The deck was strewn with robot parts and Kroot limbs. The same fate befell the second wave (Ed: Pictures here are sadly missing, but the Chaos Commander was blubbing at the dice rolls), but the third struct hard and a deadly Necron Android got through and took out the Ultra Marine "Auto Cannon" Trooper (see below):

Note: The Blood Angels seemed to look on, ahem, does the camera ever lie?)

"Somehow," as in more by luck than planning, the Android was caught in a crossfire and taken down. The Red Team was half evacuated but the remaining Blue Team "duo" (Commander and Missile Launcher Trooper) had to fight its way through to their exit location, past two more Androids. A hard task!

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