Sunday, 17 July 2016

At last I now know what UHU glue is for ;)

Hopefully not a controversial social statement but this cheaply available glue (£1 from retail shops) has always beguiled me at to its actual designed purpose as it did not do "plastic on plastic" which is what 95% of what I want glue to do. For the other 5% of the time I use "cheap" (again £1 for many tubes) of super-glue or PVA: 'metal on metal' usually, but occasionally 'metal to plastic' or 'paper to plastic'. However returning to an old basing project where I had fifty plastics [1/72 Revell/PSC/Italeri US Infantry] based to metal via superglue every one came off in my hand. Urgh! In desperation I turned to the wrinkled UHU tube last used for a 'paper to paper' school project (a paper Viking ship, approximately 28mm) and "globbed away" (see below):

Hooray .. it seems to have worked.. I think (watch this space). I immediately went out to the shops to stock up on this useful product ;)

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