Saturday, 2 July 2016

They came from Outer Space (5): Space Crusade Mission 3 Counter-Attack

Responding to a desperate Ultra Marine plea the Blood Angels in turn requested a "return to Space Hulk" directive. The Umpire in a fit of generosity (Ed: Eh?) broke several Space Crusade Game Book rules and acquiesced "in the spirit of fair play" (Ed: A dubious wargaming concept"). The combined Blue and red teams promptly charged down the corridor in "do or die" fashion (see below):

The Red Sarge took out "Android 1" while a well place missile took out "Android 2" (Ed: Drat, oh I mean well played Space Marines!). With the passage through to the Ultra Marines 'docking clear' now clear the game seemed over .. until what is referred to as the "Bleeper Incident" took place, generated by the last Alien Event Card draw (see below):

The Bleeper Incident: The Red Sarge saluted the Blue Teams survivors and made to leave. The Blue Sarge made to return the gesture but stopped, his attention  was drawn to an ominous bleep from his scanner (an advanced piece of intelligence equipment the like of which not known to the more aggressive attack minded  Blood Angels). The two sergeants conferred, looked solemnly at each other, this much was seen from the live video feed back to the Mothership. Then accounts differ (Ed: Heresy some say), but one thing is for sure, the scanner was no longer functioning when the Space Marines returned to the Mothership. The official line was that a automated AI self-defence mechanism reactivated shot at The Ultra Marines Commander and luckily for the Ultra Marines the scanner took the blow. The Blood Angels Commander discharged his weapon and neutralised the threat. Faint residual traces of Chaos Dreadnought activity shortly after the Space Marine departed have not been confirmed and denied by the Space Marine Heresy Commissar. Bleeper Incident File now OFFICIALLY CLOSED .. Blood Angels and Ultra Marine survivors assigned to next HIGH INTENSITY COMBAT OPERATION.    

The Imperial Fist "kill count": 
A couple of cleaning Droids (advanced sweeping actions) and four Orcs/Kroots. A poor return for 100% casualty rate. New Squad assigned for operations.

The Ultra Marine "kill count": 
Six cleaning Droids, thirteen Orcs/Kroots, a Genestealer, two Chaos Space Marine/Tau and a Necron Android (possibly two)

The Blood Angels "kill count":
Seven Orcs/Kroots,one Genestealer, a Necron Android, three Chaos Space Marines

The Chaos "Cull of Space Marines":
Nine Space Marine Troopers and One Space Marine Commander

The Result:
The point total was close, the Lords of Chaos were please enough to promote the Chaos Commander but the Ultra Marines squeaked them at the end.

Winner: The Ultra Marines promoted to Lieutenant (2) 2 Orders 8 Equipment Cards
Chaos Promoted to rank of Chaos Warrior (3) 2 Event Cards
Blood Angels (1) 6 Equipment Cards
Imperial Fists (1) 4 Equipment Cards

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