Friday, 3 March 2017

Foot Sergeants (FireForge) The first "few" of the "many" 28mm

The 'plastic mountain' is being attacked. The next box of 'sexy 28mm plastics" under scrutiny is the "foot" equivalent of the Mounted Sergeants, the humble "Foot Sergeant". As a complusary Impetus 'Crusader Army' maneouver element the "crossbows" are assembled first (see below):

I am planning to mount six to a base (2 x Trained Crossbow), needing two for the army minimum, leaving enough in the pack of forty four to assemble the four compusary (FP) Foot Sergeants, again mounting six to a base. As there are ten figures left over I could even up the figure count to eight a base if necessary wrt the Foot Sergeants, all depending on how the aethetics of the base looks!

Footnote: The more I look at my current FireForge boxes, rather than looking to the Holy Land the boxes point to a Teutonic interest. The "good" news theer is that their enemies (Mongols) come in "Plastic Box Sets"! Hmm, a cunning plan is forming in my tinty mind ;)


Monty said...

Like it!

Baconfat said...

I look forward to seeing all your Fireforge models getting painted. So many it'll probably take quite awhile.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers lads
Impetus is going to have its way with me ;)

Roll out the sparay paint undercoat ;)