Sunday, 1 July 2018

Lardistan Battles: Part 2 - The Pre-Game Patrols and Jump Off Phase

Typical scenes from a Lardistan village. An innocuous donkey and cart with a load of kindle - or - a dangerous insurgent carrying war-gods disguised as everyday wheres? (see below)

A peasant villager with a donkey/mule strapped with 'clanking odds and ends' - or - a forward observer "Dikka" with a mobile phone divulging important intelligence to a hidden insurgent cell (see below):

An aerial view of recent "intelligence mapping" of suspected insurgent (white counters) and international policing intervention forces (green counters) representing patrols and logistical activity. In other words the front-line key points (see below, notice how both sides position themselves base on gaining "terrain cover" indifferent to the wishes of the local populace):

The previous day's "front-line" moves into another configuration as additional intelligence becomes known to both sides; represented by Modern Chain of Command Patrol Phase (see below):

This hardens into fixed jump-off positions; Green and White respectively (see below): 

The final "jump-off" markers were replaced with cunning little Lardistan vignettes. So cunning I challenge to spot them in the picture below (see final pre-battle/patrol set-up below):

During the course of the game we had to remind ourselves where they were with Red and White "poker-chit" markers.

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