Saturday, 30 June 2018

A Games Workshop FREE Giveaway?

If you go down into the woods today you might be in for a FREE surprise .. from Games Workshop (OK .. I have mixed feelings too, but they are interesting FREE figures .. "I think I have just failed an attribute-based saving throw"). Yes, they are giving sample FREE figures to "newbies". Well I popped in and used two of my children as qualifying this demographic (no lies as they will have first refusal on the figures). I got one of each of the two on offer, the "big" [Sci-Fi] Space Marine (see below, ostensibly for my older teenage son): 

The "big goodie" [Fantasy] Stormcast Eternal Liberator (eh?) was [perhaps] for my daughter (see below: Again the first refusal principal in play - but it's all in how you word the question):

Who I had completely forgotten about was my youngest (to be fair - a bit young for the fiddly brush work) but he was the one most interested .. so he got 'dibs' the big Space Marine. It comes assembled and undercoated black [nicely jumping over the first - "how do I do it" - hurdle for the kids]. However we needed a lighter undercoat because we were being different and going "white" instead of "blue" as recommended on the box. Full marks! He did a good job undercoating it grey (using Vallejo Game Colour Stone Grey) and then applying a Vallejo Black Wash. '

Note: He specifically asked "Can I paint it?" Actually adding a poignant "This time?" Implying I had 'taken control' over other past projects. My wife gave me a quiet smirk on hearing that!

As mentioned he even took the initiative with the colour scheme, opting for his own creation as opposed to the Ultra Marines box cover art and other "standard possibles" I showed him [Internet and some second hand books I got cheap from a charity shop]. In the end he liked the look of the "White Scars" but wanted 'Black Trim' instead of their red. OK, I like the kid's style, he has "hutspar"! We watched a how to paint a White Scar video or two on YouTube and used Google for other ideas [it has to be said he was very patient watching them - but he is tuned in to watching YouTube for all sorts of things, but it is still a little novel for me]:

How to Paint a White Scar: Google Search
Painting Video Part 1
Painting Video Part 2

We then started proper on our painting journey. I took an old "Space Marine" I had already primed and washed (albeit with a Vallejo Brown Wash) from the "ready use rack". My dude had the classic "pointy nose" mouse helmet. I took the lead from the tutorials and raced ahead but my youngest got stuck in. 'Junior' eventually got 'tired' (after about 10-15 minutes) but made it to the Black Wash stage [he also had some 'reading homework' to do] and asked me to carry on. I had kind of got a little bit tired myself with my 'mickey mouse helmet figure' so moved on to his and started the grey undercoat highlight after the wash dried (see below, "Dad and Lad" WIP Space Marines):

Interestingly form the videos I picked up some nice tips. Keeping a wet pallet and thinning down the paint to apply in multiple layers were stuff I typically don't do. I mix paint on thick, which I guess makes me 'old school'. It also explains some "rough textured" paint jobs. I managed to half-paint the Space Marine until my eyes got tired (see the big dude in the background above). Using your thumb as a mini painting pallet was also an interesting technique he used. Thin layers of grey to white are definitely 'the patient way' forwards!

At which point junior reappeared [after reading homework] and gave me his critical seal of approval after inspection and said "Stop please as I want to do the rest later" .. again my wife laughed as I must have looked a little crestfallen - ownership rights had been re-invoked ;)

Painting Steps to date (before I took a break): 

  1. Undercoat Grey
  2. Black Wash
  3. Highlight block areas in Undercoat Grey
  4. Start mixing in white to layers and progressively get lighter
  5. Use Black to fill in the Trim areas
  6. Mix Black with Gun Metal to base coat shiny metal area 

To be continued ...


Lee Hadley said...

Excellent post. What are kids for if not freebies! Enjoy these joint painting sessions while you can. They grow up far too fast and before you know it they are not interested any more :(

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Makes it all worth while .. until they want £500 worth if GW "strangeness"
Actually quite impressed with the figures and level of detail