Monday, 25 June 2018

Lardistan Battles: Part 1 - The Village Setting

They call it Lardistan.

A fictional place that does not too look fictional IMHO, with a very modern asymmetrical war theme that produces more than one moment of of reflection during the course of play? But we played it and I feel honour bound to report the game. Let's start with the scenery which is a work of art, all lovingly hand crafted from plasterboard and 'acquired' house hold objects like doormats (see below, a kitchen table is transformed - please see following for the creative genius behind the scenery and Renko his co-conspirator

The central canal ditch that splits the village effectively in two with its reflective water is a "work of art" in itself (see below):

Local crops (don't ask what) in enclosed fields to keep them sage from wandering hands (see below):

Trees alongside the watercourse offer some shade from the oppressive heat (see below):

Notice the rickety footpaths that cross the waterway at various points. Their use or avoidance will be interesting to follow in the skirmish game (see below):

A beautiful sleepy Lardistan village whose inhabitants are about to go about the course of a 'normal' day as the sun rises and spreads its warmth down the valley (see below):

The setting for a standard operation for a Modern Chain of Command scenario.

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