Thursday, 14 June 2018

Sci-Fi: Start Gruntz 15mm (Part 2) Things Start Rolling

The Yaeter recon probe detects a "Mechanical Mobile" response unit approaching and initiates a "recall protocol" (see photograph below), evidence of a higher level of technology than expected with a disturbingly quick response from the local inhabitants (see below, unknown high specification APC identified - I am envious to own one of these beautiful beasts from GZG but am also fearful of the cost of "meching-up", my 15mm Sci-Fi is low budget at the moment):

Humanoid troops deploy, obviously trained but looking relatively lightly armed with kinetic weapons (see below):

The Yaeter Attack Shuttle "assault jumps" the landing pad acting as a large noisy distraction exercise as the probe is picked up. The attention seeking "Attack Shuttle" masks an off-table deployment of a Yaeter light infantry tactical unit (see below, a Star Wars - Clone Wars model in 15mm [approx] got from The Works for a tenner a few, few years ago - I knew it would come in handy one day [another model fulfils its wargaming destiny]):

First stage extraction complete "signal lift off" by traditional officer hand-wave (see below, "Combat Technical Staff" re-embark):

Meanwhile small APC drop-ships [aka Star Wars Republic Gunships] deploy three sections and a command team off-table (see below - the Yaeter OoB laid out: Alpha, Beta and Delta Light Infantry Assault Squads, Omega One and Omega Two Sniper Pair and the Gamma Commander):

The game board. Three sided. The Yaeter advance from the bottom upward, strung out in an "advance to contact" linear formation towards the disorientated Zard "Mobile Technical Column" (anything they could get moving filled up with troops packing ordanance). Meanwhile the 'New Polish' faction have deployed to the top of photograph on high ground and on the reverse slope. Their viewpoint seems to be rather "targets of opportunity" as the as yet unidentified White Suited Travellers (Yaeter) seem to be causing their local adversaries some welcome discomfort (see below):

The mission for the Yaeter Commander is to test the mettle of the local inhabitants, discover their preferred tactics and minimise "combat trauma" to the precious resource of Yaeter Light Infantry. As a secondary objective, the Commander is mindful that there might be potential local Allies as well as belligerents present.

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