Friday, 1 June 2018

Panzer III Aust A 1/72 Scale

The IBG Stug III model had impressed me so much that I ordered the previous two "magazine issues with attached models" from teh internet! In a strict historical sense only good for Poland 1939 as they were removed from combat service before France 1940. The first model/make of Panzer III but with five main large road wheels and only two rollers which makes it look "odd". All-in-all the Panzer III was a little beast and caused the Germans lots of teething problems of a mechanical and design nature. They finally got it sorted for Barbarossa in 1941 but then they met the Russian T-34 (see below):

Note: A beautiful quick build model of a strange (almost unknown) variant of the Panzer III. I can recommend it unreservedly. All I need do now is paint it in Panzer Grey!

Others do it better (see link below):


Monty said...

Looks good Geordie. My productivity has stopped due to various constraints. This reminds me of my yet to be realised scheme of prepping an "old school" Airfix only game of WW2; painting all minis only in base colours - grey Germans, green Allies and having all terrain color coded to represent cover value at a glance; no fancy painting skills needed. Designed to represent the WW2 of "Battle" comics....All played on a small board - not sure which rules to butcher up to suit though...what do you think? ūüėÄ

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I always start simple but get bogged down in "modelling" to too high a standard .. but I am enjoying myself ;)

DAK v 8th Army sounds good to me (nice figure sets) Grant (or Sherman) v MkIV Special at El Alemain?

Or Stug III v Churchills in the bocage, "classic" German Infantry v New British Infantry ;)

The Airfix Battles seems to have died a death :(

It promised much but trailed off like James May ...

Fraxinus said...

So much I agree with here, getting bogged down in modelling to to high a standard....we get critical and over nerdy as we age and this can stall projects (in addition to failing eye sight and lack of time)Going for simple if I can train myself! Airfix battles is still in its box here at home HQ and sad its totally unsupported it could have been so much more if coupled to the models and new models. Going to do some 15mm 8th Army my favourite of ww2 period

Monty said...


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

We sometimes can be our own worst enemy