Friday, 15 June 2018

Sci-Fi: Start Gruntz 15mm (Part 3) Yaeter dispositions, almost ready to start "Shooting" sir!

The Yaeter right flank, Alpha Squad of Star Gruntz advances: 1 NCO (hand waving), three Troopers, a SAW Gunner and a Missile Man (see below, and what a bonus two rocks for cover, advancing towards the 'shanty town' - anyone remember "Precinct 9"?):

Beta Squad (as per Alpha composition) and the the Gamma Commander advance in the centre, almost to touching distance with the Shanty Town (see below, tactical tip -shoot the man in the middle he looks important):

Omega One (Sniper Team) sets up on the high ground immediately behind Alpha, Beta and Gamma to give long range covering fire (see below - they look the part IMHO):

Delta Squad (as per Alpha Squad composition) take the extreme left which has noticeably less cover (and less enemies so no sympathy here); understandably they have the "urge" to move fast to get to behind some nice rocks (see below):

Omega Two (another Sniper Team) "have Delta's six" on the high ground immediately behind them(see below, notice the "ah hoc" Star Wars style communication equipment alongside them - I love Sci-Fi, with a bit of imagination you can use anything and everything - I don't know what it fell off but it looks the part):

In the far distant the 'New Poles' Command Team take stock of the situation. Everybody and everything is far too distant to shoot at [or so I think/hope]. They look 'low tech' in comparison to the Yaeter (for example the Yaeter Command Team numbers "two" for the same price of the New Pole six). There seems to be a lot of confused chatter over the air waves as the communication spy software intercepts a weird guttural message "Bok de Duk Essie Dat?" [Ed: Google Translater = "Honourable Commander Sir I detect strange white suited "men" [alternative translation: "things"] in the distant who look like "undersea divers" [alternative translation: "dental nurses"] what tactical formation should we adopt?" (see below, nice hair cuts):

The main swarm of New Poles gather in the lee of the protective ridge-line (see below, a milling mob or an all round defence?):

Meanwhile closer to home in the 'Shanty Town', sinister shadows slip between the buildings carrying heavy duty ordnance. These seem to be the more "clear and present danger" to the Yaeter. The Yaeter Commander switches his tactical focus accordingly (see below): 

Action now seems imminent: "Laser batteries ready to discharge! Setting locked to kill."


Renko said...

That's not a New Vistula Legion Command Team - that's a Long Range Recce Patrol Special Forces team!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Yaeter using bad intelligence
Fog of War ;)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Loved the game we have to put another on sometime

Monty said...

Looks good, Geordie; love the Gruntz stuff!

Renko said...

May need to wait til the Postman calls - reinforcements inbound :-)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers Monty
A bit of light Sci-Fi relief goes a long, long way

Renko: That sounds sinister
I thought I had potential Allies in with the "New Poles"