Thursday, 7 June 2018

Tau Stealth Troopers

Again I have to confess that I am not a Warhammer 40K player, I just like "some" of the 40K and I have built up a small force for RPG and generic Sci-Fi combat games. The Tau are a favourite, futuristic standard laser gun infantry, Giant Killer Robots and I even like the animal "Kroot" troops. I (so far) have stopped short of buying the silly big things (I did see a £45 impressive robot, but my money stayed firmly entrenched in the depths of my wallet). The pack of "three stealth troopers" are just within the borderline of acceptance [as a one off buy] retailing at £6 each (see below):

To my mind they look like heavy armour troopers so I think I will break with the GW army lists. Perhaps a heavy duty planetary "away team". I undercoated using Airfix Acrylic 34 and followed with a Vallejo Sepia Brown wash. I am now thinking of what basic colour scheme to use, "white" as the current flavour of Tau graphics in the GW shops and boxes seems clean and quick. Again I always get a sense of artistic relief I go a little Sci-Fi!


PS: Last time I looked Black Powder, Hail Caeser and Pike and Shotte were still FREE at Warlord Games:

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