Sunday, 10 June 2018

Stug III Experimental Model O (20mm)

I now have a batch of three of  these early war Stug III's, two Ausf B and this experimental "O" Series. That is a nice number for "What a Tanker!" (see below):

A little "kookier" than its Stug III Ausf A and Ausf B cousins but it is a very nice fast-build (with incredibly accurate parts) and is a winner in my 'tired old modelling' eyes.

PS: Others have done this a lot better (see link below):


Renko said...

I can feel my resistance weakening

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

It is the fast build element that I find the most impressive
I am eager to see if I can get Issue 4 in WH Smiths
It is a Panzer IV Ausf A
Apparently another two Panzer II variants are next