Friday, 8 June 2018

You got "More" 15mm Tanks? (Panzers)

Under the banner "Getting ready for What a Tanker" these little (15mm) things were purchased (see below, a Kursk style Ferdinand, a Pz IIIG, 2x Pz 38t and a Stug IIIB at the back ):

I have this awful feeling that for the majority of my wargaming life I may have been collecting "in the wrong scale for WWII. 15mm is large enough for detail, but small enough for quick assembly and painting. It also "fits" better on table for formations. I just have to accept "scale spread" for my "WW2 Collections" - 1/300:1/285:10mm:15mm:20mm:28mm:54mm - and they are all "good!" I canot get away from 20mm because 'everything is covered or convertible. I was saddened to see MMS models ceased trading last year as they did do some wonderfully exotic stuff (Pz II Flampanzer is one that comes to mind). 

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