Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Sci-Fi Additions

Post 'Star Gruntz' it was time to make a quick pass through the "old discarded toy-box" or rather the toys that the wife thought I had bought for the kids. Some "French PAV looking" cheap knock-off Matchbox/Dinky toys for example (see below, generic APCs IMHO waiting for "space" customisation):

Seen from a slightly different angle. Yes they are in the process of being undercoated Airfix Primer Grey - when I last had some! (see below):

Primed and all ready for a black or brown "Vallejo Dirty Wash". This is my cheap way on making the Yaeter 'land mobile' as well as 'air mobile' - er, on the very cheap. Perhaps I am suffering from 1940's style "Star Tank Fright", if such a thing exists (see below):

A "Star Wars Bi-Ped Walker" [soft plastic toy] gets the same treatment. Yes, nothing is sacred from the kid's toy boxes - you just have to be very quiet when you take them or play "swaps" with a video game (see below):

The "Clone Wars" Revell "Republic Gun Ship" was at least mine but despite being not 15mm I invoke the "anything flying can be smaller" wargame rule. I don't like the Republic colour scheme and it also needs a bit of filling - and it I am doing that I might as well go the whole hog and repaint the whole blooming thing (see below):

The Yaeter vehicle colour scheme is as per the "infantry suits": Satin/Gloss white with a dirty black/brown wash. If anything dirtier looking than the infantry - perhaps even with a bit of weathering rust courtesy of the Revell Weathering Pack!

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