Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Chain of Command "Jump-Off Points" (WIP)

my other Chain of Command gamers are making elaborate bespoke "jump-off" markers. I am helping out in my own way by painting the more bog-standard ones that came with the initial rule packahe. Here they are at "Stage 1" post white undercoat [Airfix Acrylic White 34 from the various starter sets I have acquired], followed by a Vallejo Black Wash. I then used some Vallejo Model Colour and Game colour for flat shade areas of colour (see below): 

I plan to do a base colour, wash and highlight, then think of doing a bit of oil-drum weathering with my newly acquired Revell Weathering Kit, plus useful "how to do it" instructions.


TamsinP said...

Looking good :)

That reminds me, I'll need to do some for my Aussies - I do have a plan for those and actually have the bits I'll need :)

Michał Kucharski said...

Great work!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I do need to "finish" though
Was thinking of writing HEAVEN and HELL on the signs!