Sunday, 29 July 2018

Lardistan Battles: Part 4 - Mingling with the Bad Boys

The cautious insurgent commander sends out an armed group, hunkering close to protective (and more importantly disruptive to Line-Of-Sight (LOS). In no way is this meant to "contest" the area with the (heavily armed) ISAF forces. The insurgent agenda is on reconnaissance of ISAF tactics and putting his troops in a position to take advantage of "targets of opportunity". That explains the succession of 'tactical' and 'over-watch' markers (see below): 

The ISAF commander deploys a full team high up on the compound walls to provide a protective fire-base (with its potent arsenal of weaponry). The only thing they need are 'legitimate, clear unambiguous targets'! What they seen seems to be just a normal Lardistan street-scene (see below):

ISAF deploy a reconnaissance team (section) to keep a watch on their right flank (see below):

All looks quiet. A beautiful normal lazy day, but appearances as we know can be very deceptive (see below):

The insurgents keep creeping round using the cover of walls and go into over-watch. This is turning into quite a cat-and-mouse affair (see below):

The result of all this ISAF consolidated deployment is that major the major building is designated as a friendly compound as it is looking securely occupied (see below):

But is anything ever really secure in Lardistan?

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