Sunday, 10 March 2019

Wargaming Bucket List for 2019

These are not late New Years Resolutions  but are things to do in what remains of 2019!
Added 16/03/2019

Games Systems to Play: 
  • Impetus 2 [WIP]
  • SAGA 2 [WIP]
  • DBA Version 3 [Yes]
  • What a Tanker
  • Chain of Command
  • Cruel Seas [WIP]
  • AH Panzer Blitz Tabletop Conversion [YES]
  • Command Decision
  • Recon (Vietnam Skirmish) RPG [WIP]
Board Games to Play: 
  • Command Magazine #10: Alexandros [WIP]
  • Avalon Hill's France 1940
  • Command Magazine #42 Blitzkrieg 1940
  • GMT Games: Victory In The West: Plan Yellow
  • Command Magazine #14 Midway
  • Avalon Hill: Sink the Bismarck
  • GMT Games: A Distant Plain
  • Fire-Move Battalion Attack
Places to Go: 
  • Conference of Wargamers 2019
  • Connections UK 2019
  • Stockton Battleground 2019 Wargames Show
New Periods to Paint:
  • 1/300 WWII Naval - Cruel Seas 
  • 6mm Era I Biblical - DBA Version 3
    • Hittites (I/24) [YES]
    • New Kingdom Egyptians (I/22) [WIP]
  • 10mm Western Desert - AH Panzer Blitz Tabletop Conversion
  • 28mm Dark Ages - SAGA 2
  • 15mm and 28mm Malburian - "Rule Set to be Determined"
  • 28mm Napoleonics [WIP]
Old Friends to Finish Off:
  • 1/200 and 10mm Early War WWII - AH Panzer Blitz Tabletop Conversion
    • British Infantry and Armour
  • 10mm Late War WWII
    • 1943-45 American Infantry Platoon
    • 1943-45 British Infantry Platoon
  • 15mm Ancients - DBA Version 3
    • Early Acheamenid Persians - 7Hd Required
  • 15mm WWII - What a Tanker [WIP]
  • 20mm WWII - What a Tanker, Chain of Command
  • 28mm Ancients - Impetus 2
  • 28mm Italian Wars - Impetus 2 
    • Light Cavalry and Pike Blocks required


Martin Rapier said...

That is a pretty long list!

Ive tried various incarnations of PL/PB tabletop conversions over the decades, and a fundamental issue is that the terrain model and game system are inextricably linked. Panzer blitz has far more choke points on its boards than most tabletop gamers are used to.

Ray Rousell said...

Looks like you're gonna be a busy boy!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks Martin
I think we need to sit down at CoW and have a pint and a discussion about your experiences with PB/PB
There are a couple of interesting posts coming after I have finished documenting Ramilies

I will take a back look on your blog for PB/PL references

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers Ray
I have nine and a half months to fit it all on ;)