Thursday 24 February 2022

Note to self: Remember Harpoon ... was on your Wargaming "Bucket List"

Question to self: When will I play ... Harpoon? ... I have an old (as in a simplified for the non-naval officer, but still intended for a wargaming audience) "Captain's Edition" of Harpoon (a version dating back to last century), but still apart from a USN v USSR sub hunt (yes Red October style) or the whole Falklands Campaign - there does not seem to be much of an interest (or example case base) to play. However, Harpoon is on the great Wargaming Bucket list!

There is even a new edition out: Specific Link:

But what to play and who to play it with? Probably "The Falklands" with "a little help from my friends"


Renko said...

Happy to play, particularly if you have the South Atlantic War supplement - I lent mine out and it never returned. However I would humbly suggest Harpoon can be a bit of a drag - lots of dice, lots of charts. May not be too much hassle in the Falklands as everything was at a smallish scale, but anything involving bigger ships is an issue. Shipwreck does just about everything and at a much less fussy level.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

That would be cool
Yes South Atlantic :)
Don't know when as the telly is "obsessive watching" just now for all the wrong reasons