Sunday, 25 April 2010

CV 5 USS Yorktown in 1/1200

Seeing as I won't be having so much free time to post in the coming months (see previous post) I think I will make the most of a few spare minutes I have as everybody downstairs is blissfully sleeping ;)

Already having passed through the 1:1200 painting yards (aka my desk) is CV 5, "USS Yorktown" of Coral Sea and Midway fame, courtesy of the Revell Mini-Ship range.

The natural lighting is from a sunny day outside. I still have to give her some decals and flight deck markings. Sadly the angle I chose to take the photograph neglects to display any of the camouflage pattern of which I adorned her side with!  :)

I continued while the sun was out to play with US Pacific Fleet

As far as I know this is an impossible meeting, as I think the USS Yorktown had been sunk by the time USS Iowa was commissioned on active duty (however I do stand to be corrected if this was not the case).

This leaves me at a modelling milestone, I have now completed one of each of the 1:1200 warship classes modelled by Revell. True, I do still have several sisters in each class to paint (i.e. a raining day modelling project IMHO).To go further and extend my range, I will have to go into expensive metals or hope Airfix release their old 1:1200 "Sink the Bismarck" range :)

My one regret was not purchasing a Revell Mini-Kit version of the IJN Shinano when I was visiting the Hannants shop in London over ten years ago, I literally had it in my hands! Since then I never had the opportunity (bar eBay) to buy it. There is a moral there. I am also missing the IJN Yamato, but don't feel too let down as I already have the Musashi. Technically I could buy another two KGV (for HMS Anson and HMS Howe), another Roma and another Iowa, but I must confess the urge is not all that strong ;)


Pablo J. Álvarez said...

Hello, Geordie I work the 1/700 scale, but your ships looks better than mine.
Nice work.

Al said...

Great stuff, congrats on the latest addition, and post a couple of pics of the Pershing for comparision would you?

best to you and fam