Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Example of: Wargaming with Friends at a Distance via PBEM

The concept of Play-By-Mail (PBM) wargaming progressing to Play-By-Electronic-Mail (PBEM) is a natural one, but still fraught with many challenges. Hence I was quite excited to see a hosted website letting gamers play (steering by a Game Master (GM)) and communicate via situational photographs.

There was a quite excellent Battle of the Bulge scenario found on The Miniatures Page:

The GM had gone to a lot of time and effort to be atmospheric and introduce a certain Fog of War to the game.

The pictures and links to the hosted website speak for themselves.
I am envious (and in simply admiration of the US infantry commander who managed to get run over [bumped but not completely off] by a [not so] friendly Sherman tank)

If you like the flavour her is a After Action Report (AAR) for a 1940 scenario

It has certainly got me thinking what is possible over the net via EPBM


Arquinsiel said...

I've wanted to run a form of double-blind game with commanders in different rooms relying on a runner visiting the field commanders and bringing back written locations for a while. I imagine the potential for friendly artillry fire would be amazing.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

What I thought amazing was that simple things become very difficult

The fact that the visibility was limited was genius

The German never guessed what exactly he was up against and made the mistake of getting within the effective gun range of the enemy