Saturday, 10 April 2010

Changing the way I read "other" peoples blogs (a cleverer SEARCH)

Note to self: 

I took time out to take a look at the Blogger SEARCH gadget (see top right hand side of web page) and try to access its capability/ease of use. So I've ticked a few extra boxes in the gadget and have now turned it into a generic search utility powered via the same ubiquitous Google search engine we all know and love.

(Note: This search is not to be confused with the "this Blog only" search on the top left hand side. We are looking to the RHS ==>)

This means for my own on-line time spent "searching for interesting things" I am no longer limited to a just a "recently posted", dive-and-dig"chronological" or if I am lucky "TAG" driven search of mine and other peoples blogs. Even better my reading habbits are changing. I find I am reading other peoples blogs focused more on content rather than just what they have been doing last, although that is still cool :)

Hence I am paying attention to much older articles. Primitive (but fun) data mining as they say in the trade, which is good as I know by going on the quality of blogs I read there are tons of articles I will want to read, but just don't know they exist yet.

Early days, but it has been fun so far :)
[Footnote: Although some matches are not quite as what I have expected, partly as I think as I link to/follow a lot of other blogs. So when a new more recent post overwrites an older posting and is shown on my page what they were last talking about lingers in teh search engines mind. E.g. I searched for "Tiger" and amongst the many sensible links one which led to an "ancient campaign battle" on my blog because it referenced a "1/35 Tiger" being made by another blogger. As it happens I clearly remember the article it was on about (and the Zimmerit applicator) so what I got was my post for that day instead. At least that's my theory.]

Flicking through the tabs ("This Blog", "Linked From Here",  "Blogs I Read", "Links of Interest", "The Web") is key to the experience.

Comments welcomed on how other people search blogs for interesting topics
Interesting searches so far:
Tiger (see comments above)

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