Friday, 16 April 2010

Sighting Alert! Bismark Sighted in Norwegian Waters

Spotted in Norwegian waters by an RAF reconnaissance plane on a routine mission. Two sinister, dark ships in convoy (1/3000 - Navwar Bismark and Prince Eugen).

Concentrating on the larger ship, the question is who is she? Positive identification needed (still at 1/3000).

Spiralling down, cleverly using what cloud cover there is to its maximum advantage and making a pass over her in the opposite direction, in so doing so revealing her as the (1/1200) Bismark:

The Bismarck!!!! (again in 1/1200) The other smaller ship ahead of her being one of the German Hipper class cruisers.

No doubt about it now, she is a murderous looking beast (Revell 1/1200).

You could even start counting the flak guns. Save that for the RNAS Swordfish later on. Time to inform the Admiralty at once and get back to Scotland for a smoked kipper.

And so the deadly chase begins.

The smaller 1/3000 ships are Navwar, the larger Bismark the 1/1200 Revell offering. Painting Note: I have gone for an all over Atlantic grey without the dark black/white markings (which I think were greyed over on her fateful maiden voyage).

Quite a satisfying little modelling project to do. Now I think I should get back into more active naval wargaming mode.