Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Italian Threat in the Med: Roma

Lets not forget the threat posed by the triple turreted 15" guns of the Vittorio Vento and her sisters. Here is my 1/1200 scale Roma.

A nasty combination of good speed, armament and protection for the Royal Navy fleet of modernised WWI battleship veterans to contend with. As seen from a low flying RNAS Swordfish.

The paint scheme is a mishmash of light and dark grey, from references I gleaned later maybe I should have a more "dazzled" camouflage scheme imposed. As I have a Revell 1/1200 version of the Vittorio Vento still to paint I can be a bit more experimental with the next one.

Well my naval phase/infatuation seems to be on a bit of a roll just now apologies to the AFV fans.


Al said...

Way cool, what is the rule set you use for these Geordie?

Paul said...

Oh a change is just as good as a holiday mate! Keep ém coming.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hello Al and Paul,

Rules: Very Good question. And one I ponder :)

As battleships (duelling each other) they lie on the cusp of being what is possible for a quick game of General Quarters 2, if you have a small gym or in the garden. Forgetting about interfering cruisers and destroyers.

Musashi v Iowa,
KGV v Bismarck/Tirpitz,
Duke of York v Scharnhorst
Roma v KGV

For a more detailed (rivet counting) game Warship by A&A Game Engineering are also contenders (also in the same small gym).

In reality they are primarily models and hence wargame virgins bar use as offshore artillery markers (KGV and D-Day springs to mind)

If I get my hands on a 1/1200 Prinz Eugen then the Channel Dash (1942) with various scales of model is a possibility.

Too nice to put down too tricky to use with ease.

Glad you don't mind the naval noise

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hmm, I'm thinking that there maybe should be some wacky red and white diagonal aerial recognition markings here?

Maybe for the next one