Thursday, 10 March 2011

2000AD Character: Hammerstein

With the painting table still out of reach (sigh) I was amusing/bemusing myself looking through various boxes and piles of books I have had to shift around while "redecorating" (top to bottom of the house, groan). Naturally I get happily distracted when I sift through some of the contents :)

Case in point, this figure was for my pure indulgence rather than any scenario need, it's my favorite 2000AD comic character: Hammerstein.

The mighty Hammerstein.

It was my intention to get the rest of the ABC Warriors someday too, but so far I have not seen at the wargame shows I've attended (that is when I had time to go to them).

Manufacturer: Wargames Foundry (looks like a mail order job for the rest of the ABC's)


Monty said...

Bloody Nora, Geordie - 2000AD my favorite comic, to which I still subscribe! Been reading it since Prog 1 and looking forward to Hammerstein's (MK1)return in the next 'Savage' book to be published soon...



Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I'm a fan but like following my local football team I dipped in and out:

Always liked:

Judge Dredd
ABC Warriors
Rogue Trooper
Stontium Dog
Halo Jones

Stirring stuff

Hit and miss with Slaine and Zarg's Future Shock's


Paul´s Bods said...

Great looking fig and a great paint job.
I´m afraid ABC warriors came down a bit lower on my fave list...Slaine and Rogue trooper came equal 1st place.
Oh and nemesis!!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers Paul's Bods,

I liked the "we're just" side-kicks idea of the ABC's to Nenesis and Deadlock

With Slaine I was never happy with the "warped" warrior thing and all the Celtic mythos I never really understood.

However some episodes were riveting. I always remember an "on the run" Druid or Shaman being protected by Slaine casting a magic protection circle keeping "wild beasts of the forrest at bay" only to be consumed by worms from underneath him.

I thought I would file that away for future use as a DM in AD&D, never got the chance to use it though ;)