Sunday, 27 March 2011

Even more Inspirational Reading for Painting

For the creme de la creme of WWII wargaming guides to painting (although aimed specifically at 15mm and out of my chosen main scale of 20mm, but there is tons of cross-over) must be the two Flames of War Battlefront Guides. Not cheap but a worthwhile investment. (Note: No sign as of yet of a issue number three though and the Germans as per usual get prime time in the spotlight!)

Dirty Tracks:

Wehrmacht Edition!:

The main reason for my excitement being the Vallejo painting guide cribs and tips, plus the ultra level of detail they go down too. Hence I am all primed to get that German "red track" look (comes from the factory red primer seeping through the tracks) on my German vehicles, now I know which Vallejo paints to use ;)

Yes, I seem to be doing far more reading than doing as of late as house renovation takes priority. What a twisted world I live in.


Paul said...

Hi Geordie, I use info from these guys all the time.

Good Kiwi company as well.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Yes there is such a wealth of detail, tips and superb examples, I'm very impressed

I was hoping to see a third volume appear showing how to paint something non-German ;)

The Kiwi Flames of War boys seem to be intent on taking over the world with their acquisition of Wargames Illustrated

Mojo said...

Thanks for sharing, Geordie!
Looks interesting...
What really made me laugh (as a German):
I love english-speaking folks using german words... so funny :)

Have a good time!


Arquinsiel said...

There's been quite a bit of drama with them and Maelstrom games of late over discounting stock and other silliness. Sadly they seem to be determined to replicate their former employer's (GW) success to the letter.

Most of the painting guides are now contained in the various briefing books, which is fine if you want all of them.